Offshore tackle question

What's the best size hook for king fish and wahoo (starting to make my own stinger rigs )
2/0 3/0 other



  • YakNPompYakNPomp Posts: 227 Deckhand
    Mustad 9175UPBLN for the bait: size 4/0 (just for holding the bait, but sometimes my bait is big)

    VMC 9626 O'Shaugnessy Treble Short 4X Hooks Size: 4


    44# single strand wire, but sometimes lighter
  • jcanracerjcanracer Posts: 4,305 Moderator
    Slayaa, welcome to the Forum.
    Be careful when you're asking for everyone's tackle secrets haha!
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  • YakNPompYakNPomp Posts: 227 Deckhand
    I don't mind helping.. Hell without you guys helping me I wouldn't know much either.

    Besides, you can have the best tackle in the world, if you don't know where the fish are you're SOL
  • uno--masuno--mas Posts: 346 Officer
    the nose hook should be a short-shank live bait hook (that's why the call it a 'live bait hook'. the short shank is less hardware for the bait to deal with and with the short shank, there is less chance of it wrapping the wire and the hook pulling out of the rubber band.
    i actually prefer a light wire. not brand specific, but an Owner 5129 works well.

    the stinger hook, i prefer either VMC 8527, 7556, 7560 in black nickel and a #4 or #2 or an Owner 5656 in the same configuration. i'll use others in a pinch, and i'll go as small as #6.

    remember this--small hooks=light drag. like all kingfish teams and 99% of all billfish anglers, i use monofilament for trolling. i use 20 and 30lb test, and will only apply 3 or 4lbs of drag during a fight.

    i personally only use SPRO swivels. they are stainless instead of brass, so they are incredibly strong while being as tiny as can be.

    rig how you want, but piano wire--single strand, is for dead bait or lures, and braided wire is for live bait.

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  • YakNPompYakNPomp Posts: 227 Deckhand
    uno--mas wrote: »

    Thanks for these tips. I tried to watch this video but youtube says its blocked due to copyright issue with Sony Music Entertainment (SME)

    Might want to re-upload without music I suppose.
  • uno--masuno--mas Posts: 346 Officer
    SME stands for "Small / Medium Enterprise" i had to look it all up. its an EU thing. i guess my wire videos are banned in Europe? . about every 4th attempt it comes up with that message. just started happening in the last month or so. still haven't figured out what thats all about. if one goes to my youtube channel and views it from there, it seems to always work. freaky internet ghosts.
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  • John McKroidJohn McKroid Posts: 1,714 Captain
    Spend the extra money and use ball bearing swivels, it will keep your line in better condition for when that big one decides to hit.
  • frankthetankfrankthetank Posts: 863 Officer
    I use 30 lb seven strand strictly with owner 4/0 live bait hooks and either size 4 owner or gamagatsu treble. Over hand knot with a couple haywire turns and it's the perfect stinger
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