What am i looking for when I'm on the water? What am i using? Light line better? Bait?



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    Specks (crappie) are like turkey hunting, they will drive you nuts.

    First off light line 4-6 lb. I use 4 in open water and 6 around brush.

    As far as bait nothing beats a live minnow or a jig tipped with a minnow.

    Biggest thing is to locate them, drift the boat with a 4 rod spread having the bait at various depths. Generally if you catch one a at certain location and certain depth then quietly anchor up and fish a few rods in that area and the depth they struck, generally there will be more.

    Certain times and places you can find them hugged up and amongst cattails or under lily pads. In creeks or rivers they may prefer one bend with the right structure either hidden ledges or brush piles/stumps/logs, etc.

    I have also had luck slow trolling a beetle spin in open water or along cover.

    They are prone to be in one area/depth today but get a cold front and they can be somewhere else the next day. Not sure where you are located or fishing but that may help with some pointers.
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    A wade fisherman is the most simplistic but the most adept for the quarry they are after. They are immersed in their challenger's habitat and are in tune with the subtle changes of current, temperature and bottom. In order to be successful at this noble and primal fishing form one must be submerged from their goobs to their boobs, anyone doing this outside of that boundary is either sunbathing or swimming. S.F. Stewart 2015
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    That sounds about like what i heard. Looks like I'm gonna be buying some much lighter line than I'm used to! I've already been on the Navionics maps and found some cool looking structure in the lake we're headed to.
    Let's see how this goes!!

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