Coastal Bay on order

Frank TFrank T Posts: 4 Greenhorn
Have a Coastal Bay (action craft) 2310 on order. I cant wait! Taking a long overdue and needed vacation to drive down there from PA and pick it up in the 2nd half of October. Will spend a week in Bokeelia (near Boca Grande pass). Questions: 1) What am I likely to catch and which of those should I cook?; 2)I would appreciate any brand name recommendations for fish finder/chartplotter. The only recommendation I have so far is Lowrance not Humminbird.


  • dwyermwdwyermw Posts: 336 Deckhand
    The new lowrance units are solid; you will also find a lot of Garmin users here in Florida
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  • PBRPBR Posts: 136 Officer
    Bull reds are showing up Tarpon & Snook in the pass A lot of good back bay water to fish Have fun with the new boat
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    Frank, pick up a copy of Florida Sportsman magazine, the action spotter section will give you an idea of whats happening this time of year. Also go to the southwest reqional section on the forum. you can see what being caught and even get some ideas as to where the bite is hot right now.


    PS congrats on the new Sled.
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  • FlatoutventuresFlatoutventures Posts: 224 Officer
    Did you pick it up yet?? Pics????
  • Frank TFrank T Posts: 4 Greenhorn
    Completion was deleyed for an extra 8 weeks or so. Have not seen it yet. Due this month. I don't think I should put in writing how I am feeling about that.
  • Frank TFrank T Posts: 4 Greenhorn
    Oops! Due next month, not this month
  • FlatoutventuresFlatoutventures Posts: 224 Officer
    Frank sorry to hear about the delay! Hope you get it before the new year! Keep us updated!
  • SEARUNNERSEARUNNER Posts: 287 Deckhand
    Frank, sorry to hear about the delay. Someone posted on the Action Craft Enthusiats Facebook page that they have stopped all production because the company is for sale?
  • FlatoutventuresFlatoutventures Posts: 224 Officer
    SEARUNNER wrote: »
    Frank, sorry to hear about the delay. Someone posted on the Action Craft Enthusiats Facebook page that they have stopped all production because the company is for sale?

    Just read through the Face Book posts. That plus what I have recently heard from some good sources lead me to believe that AC is unfortunately DOA for the foreseeable future. Sad situation but a lot of us have seen this coming now for a couple of years. I hope there is a way for someone to step in and buy Paul out and start quality production of the boats again. I personally would need to see several successful builds before I would line up for a new one!
  • Frank TFrank T Posts: 4 Greenhorn
    I spoke to Paul today and he said they are building boats. Mine will be ready in a few weeks
  • PBRPBR Posts: 136 Officer
    Are you going to come down to pick it up? If you do I hope you can come between the fronts . We were out today , Along with everybody else. a little windy and Choppy . But the Old A?C handeled it well . Mine is sure a dry riding boat.
  • jeubank3jeubank3 Posts: 1 Greenhorn
    any word on this boat and their status? i've been calling, emailing them, several times, for the last couple months trying to get info on ordering a boat
  • FlatoutventuresFlatoutventures Posts: 224 Officer
    There have been rumors on some other boards that they are a bust now! Deposits not returned. Cannot verify the accuracy. But the last time I phone no one picked up the answering machine???? Does not look good I would hate to see the rumors be true!!!!
  • PBRPBR Posts: 136 Officer
    I went there this Morning No one around . Was told they are not there very often they have 2 plugs outside thave have been in the same spot for 3 mounth or better. couple of the area besnessies said that people have called them to see if they were still around . I did talk to a vender .I was told the last things he gave them was back in November . He had some other stuff ordered but never herd from then again
  • AC VictimAC Victim Posts: 4 Greenhorn
    Sounds like the B.S. I got from "Paul the shyster" been waiting for my boat for over 8 months, he had my deposit back in July 2011!
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