Big Bend to Marathon

I am headed to marathon for spring break (early march) with a few friends. I was hoping to make a few solo trips out in a kayak to try and get a bone on fly. I only have experience with redfish on fly and was wondering what the bonefish eat and what depths i would find them in. I also have a 19'bay boat im taking that may be useful. I have an 8 wt fly rod and would like to put it to some use. Little tarpon? Snook? how do I approach them in the mangroves ive been fishing marsh all my life.


  • Tim MacMichTim MacMich Posts: 43 Deckhand
    I am not a fly guy -- however -- I do know the area very well. The Bones can be on the flats -- and you can find those just outside the mouth of sisters creek and near (behind) marathon high school.

    You can launch your Kayak right at Sombrero beach. I would head down sisters creek and fish that hard - depending on tide (whether you want the easy ride on the way out or the way back?) you can get right up close to the mangroves in Sisters. I would go all the way down to near whiskey creek...check out a map -- you would cover a lot of ground of luck to you. IM me if you want more info...
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