Phillipe park

I haven't posted a report in a while but I am mainly doing this just to give hope to the last guys in the thread about Phillipe. Went out Tuesday around 4pm for the incoming tide and figured I'd fish until sundown. The areas that I fish, this is the only place that allows me to escape that NW winter wind. I was wading for a while throwing live shrimp on a #1 circle hook with a lite split.. No action.. Usual for Phillipe for me in the past. Not even the mullet that are everywhere in the warmer months, besides the random jumper here and there. Finally in real calm water around 2 ft I see some movement. It wasn't reds but just really calm mullet not jumping or moving fast.. I cast to the area and within 30 seconds im on. Ended up being a nice 24 red, great fight and healthy fish.. He came home to be the star of my fish Taco dinner. Beautiful day and a reminder for me to not give up on Philllipe park..


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