Shad fishing the St Johns

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Anyone else been Shad fishing the St Johns lately? I have been fly fishing on the St Johns between the Econ and Lake Harney off SR 46. Meet a lot of other fly fisherman, mostly in kayaks targeting the same species. Besides shads some stripped bass and sunshines have been showing up. The run is not in full forece yet so the best part of the season is still to come. I got my first shad on fly last week after a couple trips of getting shut out. Most have been 16-18" and came on small weighted flys. I did not have "shad" flies and was rotating what I had in my box. I am looking for a good recommendation for a good fly. Others were having success with orange patterns and of course chartrues. I straighten the hook on on fly and pulled the hook on several others before figuring out the right touch.
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    I think about it every time I come home from the Indian river, or the Lagoon. yesterday in fact I thought I need to try Shad fishing as I went over the 46 bridges. All my stuff is a little big, but would get the job done. Have been thinking this for a few years now, will most likely only happen if I get blown out early on the river.
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    Went last Thursday and fished hard all day for 2 shad. No hybrid stripers. Hoping for some reports that the run is getting stronger before making the trip again. Both shad came on chartreuse flies.
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