Circle Hooks

What size circle hooks do you recommend for reds and Snook? I plan to use them with shrimp, green backs and pinfish and maybe the occasional ladyfish.


  • Jack HexterJack Hexter New Port RicheyPosts: 4,377 Moderator
    Anything from a #2 to a 2/0. Remember, not all 2/0's are the. same size, depending upon manufacturer. Personally I prefer a 1/0 Owner, Mutu Light.
  • Sparty52Sparty52 Posts: 48 Deckhand
    I have used Owner #1, 1/0. Depending on the size of the bait, and how clear the water is.
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  • TarponatorTarponator Under a BridgePosts: 11,337 AG
    Generally, I prefer the smallest hook possible. #1 or #2 circles are what I use for most snook/redfishing/trout. I'll go even lighter if using J hook (down to a #4), which I prefer over circles when fishing inshore for snook/redfish/trout.
  • FlatsFrenzyFlatsFrenzy Posts: 893 Officer
    Match your hook to your bait IMHO.
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  • FusionZ06FusionZ06 Posts: 965 Officer
    Totally depends on the size of the bait.
  • ATbuckhunterATbuckhunter Posts: 23 Greenhorn
    Thanks for the advice. I plan to mainly use pinfish and geenbacks for bait and just maybe the odd ladyfish.
  • spydermonkeyspydermonkey Posts: 765 Officer
    Gamagatsu 1/0 octopus circle. I think it is the best live bait hook, not too thick, not too thin, and easy to bait,
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  • Baja280Baja280 Posts: 440 Deckhand
    owner, I've had 4 gama hooks snap at the bueno
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  • FishInFLFishInFL Posts: 2,201 Captain
    Baja280 wrote: »
    owner, I've had 4 gama hooks snap at the bueno

    Drag too tight
  • BoneHeadFredBoneHeadFred Posts: 19 Greenhorn
    FishInFL wrote: »
    Drag too tight

    There could be some truth to that, I also quit using gama's after a bass bent my worm hook straight!
    I like the owner mosquito #2's up to 2/0
    Ive also played around with the trokar 2/0's but not sure if i like them as much.
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  • chasintail7chasintail7 Posts: 53 Greenhorn
    Mustad Ultra Points (demon circle fine wire) in a 3/0 or Owner Mutu Lights in a 1/0
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