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Windy Day with the Bride

Wind was working pretty hard from the NW early. :hairraiser
I made it comfortable for the Bride and her sister. Didn't want anybody puking on the new 32 Contender.:nono
We cast netted some bait and set up on the tip of Pavilion Key for the Outgoing.
She caught this monster Red on the first set. Nice fish for this time of year.:fishing
Her sister lost 2 big Sow snook.
We ran out of bait by then , so we just played Frisby and drank Shine till the Sun went down.
All and all a good day in the Tropics..:Rockon
Killin and Grillin :grin


  • SwampratSwamprat Posts: 1,058 Officer
    So where did you park the 32 footer. Why bring the big boat if you is shore fishing.

    Oh yeah, nice red
    Jackson Cuda 12

    A wade fisherman is the most simplistic but the most adept for the quarry they are after. They are immersed in their challenger's habitat and are in tune with the subtle changes of current, temperature and bottom. In order to be successful at this noble and primal fishing form one must be submerged from their goobs to their boobs, anyone doing this outside of that boundary is either sunbathing or swimming. S.F. Stewart 2015
  • Jim311Jim311 Posts: 4,961 Captain
    Dude. Catching stud redfish with beautiful women? Your life looks like it sucks.

  • Split ShotSplit Shot Posts: 6,190 Admiral
    looks just like Pavilion.
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