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Getaway/Fishing Weekend in Early March

WaltNJWaltNJ Posts: 5 Greenhorn
Hi, all. New to the site. I'm from NJ. As I'm growing older...my tolerance for this dead cold time of year has grown thin. Thinking of getting away for a weekend and flying to the gulf coast of Florida with my honey.

Keep in mind, I don't care to sit on the beach all day. I like the harbor type environment. We'll need a pool and outdoor dining/bar. And I want to do a half day fishing trip in there. I prefer cast and reel type fishing with bait or lures, or fly fishing. Not into deep sea trolling or down riggers.

I've looked at these two places:

A. Sanibel Harbour Marriott Resort & Spa
B. The Westin Cape Coral Resort at Marina Village

I don't mind spending a few bucks.

My questions are:

1. Anyone have any experience at these locations?
2. Suggestions for other locations?
3. What can I expect to fish for?
4. Any guides at or near these locations?

I'm an experienced angler. My woman is not.

Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.



  • BAgnewBAgnew Posts: 105 Officer

    I finally got tired of the PA winters and just up and moved here to Cape Coral. I am somewhat familiar with both these locations and they will fit your needs nicely. As you get into march you should have plenty of fishing and the species will depend somewhat on the weather conditions when you are here. A good guide will be able to get you into fish without to much trouble. There are many good inshore guides that should find Redfish maybe Snook but at least Sea Trout, Sheephead, Blk Drum etc. on a 1/2 day trip.
    I have a better knowledge of the restaurants, Marina & Guides at the Cap Harbour Marina in Cape Coral Fl. I am not saying it's better I just go there often so I know and would recommend it. If you want more details PM me.
    Good Luck and stay warm up there :)

    Bill A
  • sparse greysparse grey Posts: 1,751 Captain
    WaltNJ Welcome to the forum & I hope you enjoy your time done this way. I retired in & from N.J. born there & except for College lived there. Where are you from & are you familiar with www.thebassbarn.com?
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  • Turner River TerrorTurner River Terror Posts: 9,039 Admiral
    DANG Yankees, Bout to run us over down here...
    I'm a Cracker for 6 generations..but some of my best Fishin and Huntin Buds are from Yankee Land.
    Ya'll just need to Tip better...that is all.
    Killin and Grillin :grin
  • WaltNJWaltNJ Posts: 5 Greenhorn
    Bill A, I'll have to do some homework on Cape Coral. I'm really new to the gulf coast of Florida and not really totally familiar with ANY of Florida other than a couple trips to the dreaded Disney World and a week in Daytona for Bike Week.

    sparse grey, YES...I'm familiar with the bassbarn...long standing NJ saltwater fishing site. I'm mostly a lurker there, but will be more active now that I purchased my first boat as there's quite a few boat guys on that site as well.

    TRT, I was WAITING for that type of response! Thanks for not letting me down. (I'm an exceptional tipper for exceptional service...I was a bartender full time for five years.)

    Thanks for the feedback guys. So far I'm getting the best feedback (offsite) for the Sanibel location.
  • Gary S. ColecchioGary S. Colecchio Posts: 24,922 AG
    WaltNJ wrote: »
    ... So far I'm getting the best feedback (offsite) for the Sanibel location.

    Sanibel Harbour isn't Sanibel. That's 6 dollars more.This is what you get for it:


    Hire Rob:
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  • weimedweimed Posts: 61 Greenhorn
    wow, never knew about bassbarn. i always used noreast.com
  • Chawk20Chawk20 Posts: 55 Deckhand
    Buchans landing in Venice is a great place to get away. No pool though.
  • WaltNJWaltNJ Posts: 5 Greenhorn
    Thanks. It's official...booked Sanibel Marriot over my girl's birthday weekend.

    Now...to somehow squeeeeeeeeze in a li'l fishing trip.

    I have almost NO experience along the gulf coast, with the exception of one trip about 12 years ago for some snook at Charlotte Bay(?).

    I've always wanted to go tarpon fishing. I'm heading down in early April. Is it reasonable to think I could get into some tarpon?

    (I know...elementary questions for you guys...thanks for your patience.)
  • duckmanJRduckmanJR Posts: 21,246 AG
    WaltNJ wrote: »
    snook at Charlotte Bay(?).

    I've always wanted to go tarpon fishing. I'm heading down in early April. Is it reasonable to think I could get into some tarpon?

    I believe you mean Charlotte HARBOR....

    Early April is still early for that area...Maybe a chance off Knapps point...a maybe...Trout and Reds are a better bet.

    Weather can still be an issue with wind.....but can also be a beautiful day....
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    Many things to do.
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  • WaltNJWaltNJ Posts: 5 Greenhorn
    Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it.

    (I actually think I went out of Port Charlotte now that I over think about it.)
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