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Negative tides, positive results

Staying with the same pattern of North winds blowing all the water out of the bay, I set out the past 2 days in search of lowtide redfish. Wednesday started out at 45 degrees and was going to rise to 60 and Thursday it was 48 degrees at the start getting to a 67 degree high. Wednesday started off very slow with a couple ladyfish and trout out of a pothole that has a bunch of moving water. I knew my friend wanted action so this was my only chance for a good bite and it was not happening. Moving out to the flats I was anxious to start seeing trails and single reds scattered. Soon we started spookling fish, we set our drifts up and started working a 1 1/2 depth with mixed grass and sand. It was on, we landed quality reds on the next few drifts. Today I started a drift across an eastern shoreline and the north wind did the rest, pushing me over singles, up to schools of 5 fish. Most turned away as soon as the jighead hit the water. I took my time working these fish and finally found one that was hungry! Wednesday I used shrimp and the fish were very receptive. The artificial bite took a long time to get some action. Go get em'


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