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What does it "take" to be the next President?

Gary MGary M Posts: 13,242 AG
I posted this deep in another thread but wanted to start a thread of its own. Lots of sharp criticism from the Leninsts/Marxists/Liberals here about Christie being too fat, Walker not having a degree, Perry's too 'dumb' and on and on. And that reminded me of something.....

You ALL are forgetting one fact here:

Obama has set a new LOW in what/who can be elected!!!

1) You may or may not have to have been born in America.

2) You do NOT have to have any managerial/executive/leadership experience. Having bought lemonade at a lemonade stand is close enough!

3) You can start your first campaign in the dining room of a convicted Domestic Terrorist who's biggest regret was that he was unable to do 'more' against America.

4) You can vote, but not really 'vote' (129 times of voting 'present'... not yeah or nay)

5) You can be a mumbling idiot when speaking in public.

6) You can be given the Chairmanship of Senate Committee, yet never hold a meeting.

7) You can admit and be proud of being in a 'drug induced fog' for the first two years of college, get bad grades (his words) and STILL just waltz into prestigious and difficult-to-be-accepted into, Columbia University.

8) You can attend Columbia with almost no humans ever knowing you, and then have your grades locked up.

9) Your wife can have her Final Thesis at Harvard locked up, never to be seen publicly. Same with your Harvard grades.

10) You can attend a church for 20 years and never hear a hate-filled sermon, nor a racially hate-filled sermon, nor an Anti-America sermon.

Yes, if you have a pulse and have passed your 35th birthday, even YOU can be the President, even with as bad of a past as someone like who's mentioned above.


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