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Dead Lake

Well for Thanksgiving some of the family came down to have some food and do some fishing. Dad and i spent Wednesday and Thursday chasing sheepsheads in St. Augustine, but Saturday we made the trip over to Dead Lake for crappie. Normally this time of year we have tons of success picking crappie up in deep water and they are schooled up thick. We hit the water around 7am and went to work as usual. We had the long lines down at the bottom where the fish were on the depth finder. There were corks out the back floating double rigs at different depths. We threw every jig in every water column we could and even threw popping corks around structure. We fished until 10:30. We were packing up the lines with no fish in the boat and only one good bite. :huh As we get all the lines in the boat, the last rod was a cork at only 4ft down, started jumping and the cork was gone. I looked at dad real casual and asked "Dad you planning on catchin that fish or what?" He of course thought I was being sarcastic as I usually am. He finally turns around and sees the rod is bouncing like crazy and grabs it up. We net a nice one. He was probably about a pound and a half. We then of course feel obligated to keep fishing. We adjust all the rods to what we think is the pattern. We fished another hour and a half and we agian go fishless. We start packing up the rods and the last rod in the water agian goes off! This time I set the hook and never feel anything. We talked to everyone we saw on the water just about and nobody was catching anything. I did managed to lose my favorite ultra light over the side of the boat. That made for an awesome day, there goes $60 to the bottom of the lake. :banghead We could not have asked for better weather but with all the rain we've gotten in the past week the water was darker than the coffee I drank that morning. I hope the water clears up and lets us catch some nice ones before they start to spawn. That lake gets crazy with people when the start to spawn and I want no part of that! I guess it'll be back to sheepshead next weekend since they are the only thing we can get to bite.
That matrix moment when the hook set misses and you avoid the treble flying at your face


  • capt louiecapt louie citrus countyPosts: 10,176 Moderator
    Weird speck bite. Maybe the rain and high water moved them closer to shore ?

    I have noticed here that when there is a big inflow of dark tannin stained water it can kill the bite.
    "You'll get your weather"
  • cbuckholtscbuckholts Posts: 91 Deckhand
    The bite was for sure dead. We saw them huggin structure in 20ft of water but the only fish we got to bite were the ones running the surface. No bites deep and only one shallow. They have to be the most unusal fish I fish for. Theirs patterns are like women, every morning you never know what to expect.
    That matrix moment when the hook set misses and you avoid the treble flying at your face
  • dixiedaddixiedad Posts: 359 Deckhand
    has anyone tried dead lake lately ?
  • cbuckholtscbuckholts Posts: 91 Deckhand
    I am planning a trip that way hopefully this weekend, if I get the weather. I would call the resturant down there they are in the know about the fish everyone is catchin
    That matrix moment when the hook set misses and you avoid the treble flying at your face
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