Line and reel questions. Islamorada

Hey everyone Im new to the site and I have quite the addiction to the Keys. Quick backstory, Im from Utah, My Uncle lives in Orlando and has a 19' flats boat setup. After a few beers over St. Patricks day 2014 we talked for about an hour on the phone and he threw out the idea of tarpon fishing in Islamorada...A week later My father and I had a trip booked for end of may into june. We struck out with the Tarpon. We got a couple nurse sharks, a few barracuda, some snapper and a giant stingray. Long story short we decided that the trip would have to be a yearly thing.

I was thinking about bringing a couple of rods and reels down with me for the second annual Tarpon treasure hunt. (may/june) This would be for flats/backcountry fishing not the silver king. I have a 6'6" fenwick hmx medium with a revo s baitcaster and a 20# sufix 832 camo line. Would that reel and line work in the saltwater down there? Also, if anyone has any suggestions on a spinning reel (100-150$ range) and some line they like Im always open to buying another reel!

Any suggestions and/or advice, comments etc...would be awesome! Thanks everyone!

Oh and here is some fish **** all the way from utah because well everyone loves fish pictures!


  • sk018sk018 Posts: 2,958 Captain
    You can get a Penn battle 6000 and load it with 40 lb braid for under 150 bucks...
  • HJaredHJared Posts: 225 Deckhand
    Fin nor lethal. 100 bucks and compares to reels I have for two or three times that much. I have the 40 it's perfect for inshore. They have sizes all the way up depending on your requirements. Saltwater reels are built differently. You will soon figure that out trying to use freshwater reels in saltwater. They will stop working from corrosion after a few heavy uses.
    For more money if u wanted to go one up would be shimano stradic 5000. A little lighter. I take both out with me spooled with 20 to 30 lb braid. If your drag is set properly loose enough you will have plenty of line to land small tarpon and whatever else you come accross. I like diamond braid but it's expensive. You can just use walmart power pro if they have the 300 yard spool to fill that size reel.
  • PhillyMarathonPhillyMarathon Posts: 19 Greenhorn
    sk018 wrote: »
    You can get a Penn battle 6000 and load it with 40 lb braid for under 150 bucks...

    ditto that....I got a new Penn Battle 3000 on ebay a couple weeks ago for light inshore fishing and it only cost me $70 w/free shipping
  • ShallowSaltShallowSalt Posts: 195 Officer
    For inshore, I've been liking the Fin Nor Lethal or Okuma RTX is whatever size you want that'll let you put most of a 300yd spool of 20# braid on it. Great reels. The Lethal is a little more solid feeling, the RTX is a little lighter and feels like the more "finesse" reel that you may be more familiar with.
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