August shore fishing, Indian Rocks beach advice please

Hello everybody

I am new to the forum and I am going to indian rocks beach on vacation from august 1-11th. I am looking for some information as to where, when, how and what I can catch from shore. I fish with my 8yr old son on our vacations, we have a medium action travel rods and a charkbait surf rod.

What kind of fish are available in August?

what techniques should I use? Any good tackle shops I should visit?

Should I fish from the surf, Pier ? We have a condo on the beach, so I plan on fishing early am and at dusk.

Thanks for the advice



  • permit_mepermit_me Posts: 1,024 Officer
    That time of year it is hot, so early and late is best (night is good too). Snook can be found hanging out on the beaches (w/ sunglasses and all)...they might be found in the swash to the first bar. You can throw topwater plugs, paddletails on a jighead, white bucktails tipped w/ shrimp, or pitch a live pinfish or pilchard, or lust shrimp, the last being a good idea for your son. Shrimp on a jighead or circle hook will also produce ladyfish, jacks, whiting, maybe even pompano or am occasional bluefish. If you add a small balloon a few feet from your circle hook and drift out a live bait far enough you can find mackerel, sharks, and possibly even a passing tarpon. fish from beach.
    A charter that time of year might target snooks and reds. I'd request to depart @ 6 a.m. to get the coolest water and air temps.
    good luck
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