Taking my grandson out for the first time in the boat!

Had the chance to take out my grandson who is 2.5 years old out on the boat on New Years day. We told him the night before that he was going out on the boat and he was so excited the next morning he was nagging his dad to get to the marina to get on the boat. I had woken up earlier to go and catch bait and meet them back at the marina. He was so patient it was beyond belief. He lasted 2 hours and probably would have gone longer but his nap time was catching up to him. He passed out in the truck as soon as they left the marina. We got snook and ladyfish and he could not care less what we were catching. He just took it all in and was a blast to have on the boat. He is still talking about the trip and can't wait to go again. Before you know it he will be staying at the house on the weekends to go fishing with his Papa Todd before too long. Can't wait for that!!!! Here is the video. I hope you all enjoy as much as I enjoyed making it!



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