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Hey guys, coming down to New Smyrna 3rd week in March and looking for general fishing areas. Will be staying on South Atlantic Ave. Looking at Google Earth and it's obvious I can fish the ocean but more interested in inshore fishing. I would like to fish the areas I see on Google Earth like Bottle Island and Three Sisters Island. Now of course accessibility may be an issue because I will be wading. I do have experience surf fishing in New York and did some wading in the St. Pete area. Any input would be appreciated as you know any successful fishing trip is enhanced when you have an idea on where you can start planning your day. Thanks.


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    You can rent kayaks from JB's fish camp if you wanted which is just south of where you are staying, on the inshore side. End of the Line is a bait shop just south of you as well on the left. You could fish Bethune beach, which is just south of the bait shop.

    Canaveral National Seashore is at the end of A1A a mile south of the bait shop. $5 per vehicle/day, 5 smallish parking lots over about 7 miles (so go early if you do), which gets you away from most swimmers/surfers. Lot 5 is clothing optional, beware.

    Check this thread also for places eat etc while you are there:

    Not sure about wading inshore.
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