Little Trick For Handling Treble Hooks with Kids Onboard

This time of year, my kids are getting restless to fish. Don't get me wrong, they fish with me all year, but this is when I will allow them to invite their non-fishing friends because of the silver trout moving into the river. These little fish start stacking up in deeper points in the river, and with correct anchoring, casting is not needed and regardless of skill level, we can easily put kids on the fish. Being in the river, we can do a 2 hr trip from our dock and back, can come back with a bunch of smiles and the makings of a fish fry if they are so inclined.

Although the silvers will hit just about anything, I prefer 1/2 oz spoons, like the crippled herring or silver minnow. It saves the constant re-baiting, and can be easily cast even by a novice. They are as effective as any other live, frozen or lure on these fish.

The only problem are the treble hooks. While underway, moving kids can catch themselves on these lures while attached to the rods in the inboard rod holders. I used to cut and re-tie these lures while we were moving, but have come up with a better way. The only things needed are a clean medicine bottle, a utility knife, a rubber band and a zip tie.

Use the utility knife to bore a hole in the center of the cap of the medicine bottle, then cut a small groove from that hole to the edge of the cap.

Next, use the zip tie to secure the rubber band to the bottom of the bottle.
When heading underway, place the lure into the bottle, push the line into the groove you had cut into the cap, and then screw the cap on. You use the rubber band to secure the bottle to the butt of the rod, crank it tight, and never worry about hooks while underway again!


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