Reef report 1-17-15 83' off of Duck Key

It has been about a year and half since I have been to my KCB home and fished in the Florida Keys. Work and family responsibilities back in Colorado had taken its toll. But now TeamTeke is back and with forum friend Albert Alverez aka PinkSnapperSnatcher we are looking pretty good. Albert had not fished for three years also with work and new family responsibilities.

It was a late start this past Saturday with Albert and family driving down from Miami. We anchored up in 83' of water and had a good current pushing to the back of the boat. As usual we took a 15-20 minute recess to let the fish eat the chum and feel happy. Albert takes the first drift. Only one angler drifts at a time. At a moderate distance back he gets a run-off and hook up which produced a nice mangrove snapper. My wife Tania and myself each took our turns having bites and landing fish also. I think Albert went 7 or 8 fish straight without a miss. Most were big mangroves...with some nice yellowtails mixed in. I took the biggest fish, a yellowtail I estimated at 3-4#.

Our cut baits were ballyhoo, squid and fresh dead shrimp. The bally produced the best response. We chummed pretty heavy running two blocks at a time in a large mesh bag.
Happiness is the journey, not the destination.


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