Treeing walker coonhound.

Does anyone know of a good breeder for treeing walker coonhounds??I'm not interested in hunting with it. I just love the breed. I have one now that was bred for hunting but he's been a inside dog his whole life. Looking for mAle or female under 2 months old.


  • FlredbonesFlredbones Posts: 261 Officer
    I'm sure there's plenty of breeders here in florida since walkers are most people choice of deer dogs down here. If you go on or and look in their classifieds that's where you'll find the best bred dogs around instead of any mixes. If you have any questions feel free to PM me. I've been breeding UKC Redbones in Florida for a few years now so I know a lot about the coonhound population here in florida, which is slim.
  • Gone_FishingGone_Fishing Posts: 1,184 Officer
    If you use Facebook, there are several groups for Walker Hounds on there. I just saw some Walker pups for sale in South Carolina. Tammie Scott was the ladies name.
  • H20H20 Posts: 46 Deckhand
    Thanks. I've been looking around. I also looked at your redbones. They might be a little big for our family. We have a 75 pound walker now and trying to find something around 50 pounds. Thanks for your help.
  • chickenrigchickenrig Posts: 48 Greenhorn
    Have you looked on ""
    They have alot of good dogs for sale on yhere .just go to
    The burebreed section and scroll down .
    Good luck
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