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Did a shark try to eat my Wahoo??


I picked up my friend Joe at 8:00am at the gas dock by 2Georges. Cleared the inlet to calm seas with a couple of storms offshore.


We weren't going offshore today, so I thought we'd troll a bit in the morning for a king or wahoo, then set up a drift and do a bit of bottom fishing. The water was pretty clean to about 300' but green - and then scattered weeds past 300' -- didn't go past them.

The storms moved off, and it was beginning to clear up nicely...... pretty cloud formation.....


I was zigzagging between 80' and 300' - went south a bit about half way to the martini glass, then turned back north, and right in front of the inlet in about 200', the planer pops, I tell Joe to get on that rod while I stay at the weel. He reels it to the planer and then I switch with him. I start hand lining the leader when I see something chasing it.... I've never pulled a fish this fast - it was basically planing on its side, and I was yelling to Joe to go faster still....

Well the bigger toothie took a swipe at him but didn't fully connect, but my gaff did...


We set up a drift with a live mullet on top and another on the bottom - chum bag in the water - but it seemed very slow - no fliers, no visitors at the boat / chum bag.... and the drift boats kept repositioning every 30 minutes - you could tell it was slow for them too. We gave it about an hour, then decided to call it a day and took our hoo home!


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