Fishing trip with my son and his girlfriend

Well I finally got out for the first time this month and took my son and his girlfriend. The weather was not real cooperative early and the first couple of spots we stopped at in Pine Island Sound were not productive so we decided to fish some sheltered areas on the east side of the sound. It turned out to be a good idea as we started catching Mangos immediately and though there were no monsters most were between 11 and 12 inches. After tiring of that and looking for something bigger we tried a shallow grass flat nearby and located a bunch of Trout. For the next hour or more we caught trout constantly and not a single one was below the 15 inch minimum. We were done by 1100 and in the end we kept 6 Mangos and 6 Trout for a family fish fry. As always, its great to take a kid fishing.......even if he's nearly 6'04''!
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