Crystal River Yakking - Trouted Out - 12-28-2014

Launched before sunrise near high tide and worked my way to 3 way points from prior trips and caught small fish at every one of the spots. August trip produced large slot fish but today only rat reds and dink trout. Decided to push further into Ozello and cover new territory which resulted in additional rat reds. Pushed further out towards the gulf and found a nice channel with depths from 3 to 4 feet and water temperatures near 70 degrees. Switched to a RipTide mullet paddle tail with 1/4oz jig head in order to work the channel deeper and began landing trout after trout. Tide switched to strong outgoing and the larger trout began to invade the channel. Finally landed a nice 20" trout for the cooler and continued to work the same channel edge for the next 2.5 hours. Limited out fairly quickly with additional trout ranging from 16" to 19.5" while landing a dozens of fish. Made my way back to the launch and worked some oyster bars and landed 2 additional rat reds. Overall a good day with a lot of action and full cooler of trout.

* 10 or more trout between 15" and 20"
* 20 + dink trout
* 5 + Small red fish


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