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Hello! Brand new to the forum. Seeking FL bass fishing advice.

As the title states, I am brand spanking new to the forum. I am renting a place in Apollo Beach for January. I love bass fishing and would like to get some advice on fishing Florida bass lakes. I have never been to FL (to fish) before, and this time of year the water is pretty hard where I live.
Where to go, relatively close by?
General ideas of baits to use?
Not looking to steal anyone's secret spot or lake, just trying to get a clue, that's all...
Thanks for any and all assistance.
Also, I have a boat, and a seatmate would be great!


  • capt louiecapt louie citrus countyPosts: 10,162 Moderator
    Welcome aboard ! Any lake,pond or river that you can get access to will have bass. Across the bay lake Tarpon is good but you'll need a boat.
    As far as baits , the regular stuff like soft plastics and topwaters work. Use what you have confidence in.
    If you ask in "General" over in the West Central section those guys can steer you to the local spots due to being more familiar with that area.

    Good luck and post a report here when you get that big one !
    "You'll get your weather"
  • BassfanBassfan Posts: 3 Greenhorn
    Thanks Capt Louie! Much appreciated! I'll do that.
  • FishaHallicFishaHallic Posts: 660 Officer
    Not sure what kind of boat you have but you are pretty close to Jiggs Landing in Bradenton. It's a 2400 hundred acre reservoir with pretty good fishing. Like anywhere else it will be hit or miss but it has some nice bass and a lot of lily pads. It has a small river flowing into it and if you go up river you will find some downed trees and many docks. The whole reservoir and river are no wake so no jet skiers or water-skiers' to bother you. I will usually throw frogs, weight less trick worms (I am partial to lighter colors) and skinny dippers. They do have a slight issue with vultures in that area though, if you have a sunroof I would throw a blanket or tarp over top of car to keep vultures from eating rubber around casket (I learned the hard way :mad) but out of 5 years I have fished this lake I only had an issue one time. The address is 6106 63rd Street East, Bradenton, FL 34203 . Hope this helps, any other questions just post or send me an IM, good luck.
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