Two Net Boats on Burnt Store Bar....

Tuesday morning. They each had a little kicker boat behind them. I skipped some pompano when I went by them. Are they seining pomps? are they allowed to do this or where they just flat gillnetting? They were between two pines and burnt store channel.


  • Joey ButtonsJoey Buttons Posts: 11,849 AG
    Why didn't you report them? Have a couple snook in the cooler?
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  • Shaun31Shaun31 Posts: 150 Officer
    Based on FWC website pompano can be taken on haul seine.
  • jakejake Posts: 326 Deckhand
    Joey, hahahahahaha
  • limitlesslimitless Posts: 594 Officer
    Why didn't you report them? Have a couple snook in the cooler?

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  • SCFD rtrd.SCFD rtrd. Posts: 1,380 Officer
    Last year I saw two guys in a mullet boat with a smaller boat in tow. They ran onto a flat and made a couple of circles, then deployed a sane-net about 300' long. Then started hauling mullet. I called FWC and described the event. I ask if they were violating the law because I was going to get more information if they were violating and keep an eye on them till law enforcement could respond. Well, the dispatcher said that some commercial guys are licensed to to use sane-nets and some can only use cast nets. So, what do you do? She didn't make like it was any big deal.
  • TimGleasonTimGleason Posts: 289 Deckhand
    was probably a seine netter catching mullet. There are a lot of guys in the area licensed to do that. The little boats on the back are the giveaway. Mt neighbor does this for a living.
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