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Message form new management bimini sands

biminibradbiminibrad Posts: 373 Deckhand
Email sent to Bimini Homeowners from Arthur Barnett, Jr. ... he asked that we share this with you ...
Dear Bimini Sands Homeowners & Guests:
As you are aware, over the last few days our website ‘biminisands.com’ which we use to promulgate information and conduct e-commerce with all of our valued customers and home owners has been disabled.
We wish to assure you all that your investment in Bimini Sands is not only safe and secure and that it will remain so. As you are also aware, in the past, homeowners have been seeking greater clarity and responsiveness in addressing many unresolved issues that face them. Some owners have even voiced concerns that not only were problems not being addressed; they believed that past management was actively discriminating against them.
In light of the homeowners concerns and other issues, Mr. Rupert Roberts Jr. who wholly owns and funds the project has found it necessary to install a new efficient and more responsive management team for your service and benefit. This new management team is expected to not only serve the needs of our homeowners and guests in a timely manner, but, also provide the necessary controls and management skills this project requires.
Please rest assured that our commitment to the Bimini Sands project and community is now, and has always been; to build and maintain a relaxed and quiet marina and resort environment that would be next to none in the whole Caribbean area/region. Additionally, we think that our Sun, Sand, Sea and Service environment rival, and outshine, all others.
Since making the change we have been pleased with the overall positive response from our home owners. We assure you that a smooth and service-oriented transition will be achieved. We ask for your patience and indulgence as we together build a better Bimini Sands for all.
Bimini Sands Management
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Richard Guitar Thanks for that assurance with the new management. We love our home away from home Bimini Sands and hope to see it prosper.

We will be looking forward to our next visit and it will be nice to see our guests enjoy the smiles of our Bimini Sands employees and management....See More


  • INTREPID377INTREPID377 Posts: 3,737 Captain
    Thanks for the update.

    It concerns me that so much of what is being said is vague. Let's be honest, all most any of us want to know is who's being fired, who's the new management team, and what's their background. From the outside (non-owner), Sands has always appeared to be a fairly well run operation. "Change" isn't something that seems necessary and, might not be for the best.

    Some assurance of financial strength and viability would also be well received.
  • pescador67pescador67 Posts: 66 Deckhand
    Bimini Sands has always been the best run operation on either island with BBGC a distant second. With a substantial investment in place on South already, is Resort World behind this?
  • Bimini DreamBimini Dream Posts: 407 Deckhand
    pescador67 wrote: »
    Bimini Sands has always been the best run operation on either island with BBGC a distant second. With a substantial investment in place on South already, is Resort World behind this?
    That sir is a definite no.
    A Part Of Paradise
  • INTREPID377INTREPID377 Posts: 3,737 Captain
  • biminibradbiminibrad Posts: 373 Deckhand
    you have no idea as to what has been going on, I assure you. A lot more will be detailed after Tuesday meeting. As to financial strength, Rupert Roberts Junior owns super value limited grocery stores in Nassau, feeds probably 75% of the population! survived the downturn as competitors went out of buss. And sits on the board of one of the largest Banks in the Bahamas.
  • Brad,

    This move looks good for you owners! Can't wait to get back over.
  • testerman28testerman28 Posts: 1,329 Officer
    I hope it all works out. I would like to point out though that Blue Water Marina has always had great dockage, great fuel (even when no one else had it for years), good bathrooms, a pool, a team that would get you a flight, get you a part, help you out in any way.. and never had to worry about much. just to the west is Pat.. a great Fishing Dock! lots of pictures have been taken from Sea Crest Docks! nice rooms, golf carts when available.. and I agree, Don from the Big Game Club along with Bob, Ozzy.. and so many more will be missed on management.
    Keep in mind though 'we' that roll that way either for fishing , vacation, 'golf', entertainment and gambling ends up changing the Bahamas and the people. changes some of them due to money and influence of men and women with money.
    management is a very important thing but realize if we change them to take on our ways we all are responsible..
    you should take time to go and see the Bahamas and enjoy them at least twice a year.. :) all the best in the new year to all.
    be careful what we change and what we expect.. I personally like a 'Fast, Sexy Economical, Roomy boat' but fast is not economical.. some of the things I want I can't get..
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