Crystal River more creek exploring found some rat reds 12-20

Today is day 3 in the new boat, this time I took Megan without Jake. Amazing how much more speed and comfort there was! Got about a 3mph increase and seemed to draft a little shallower too. Explored a new creek found some rat reds, 1 keeper all on shrimp on the bottom. Had a boat next to us having similar results with some trout on jigs. I didn't have any jigs and didn't catch any trout on the bottom. Still had a fun time finally finding some reds in a creek. The bugs were absolutely horrible there was no wind all day, couldn't take it anymore and we left early. Stopped 1 more time on the way back and caught 1 small red. Burned less than 1 gallon of gas for the day. Glad we were able to find some fish we actually had to work for that weren't in the river :grin

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