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H&R Topper deluxe Turkey gun


I bought this gun new and delivered it to a Gunsmith to build. This is a 3.5" 12ga. The following work was completed on this gun. Professionally ported, forcing cone lengthened, trigger cleaned and hammer cleaned up. A swivel system was added to the gun. A Simms Limbsaver recoil pad was added and additional balance weight added internally to the stock. A Tru-Glo Gobbler Saver choke was installed. .665 Constriction. A Tru-Glo high vis front bead. Sling included. Maybe some shells too.
This gun hasn't had 25 shells fired through it over the past 4 years. The only ammo that it has been fed in Heavy 13 in 5's and Heavy 13 combo matrix 5/6/7 1/2.
This gun patterns greater than 96% @40 yards in a 20" circle. I have personally killed several Gobblers out to 50 yards without a problem. There are a few minor scratches on it from normal use. Nothing other than that.

I am unable to shoot this gun any longer due to arthritis in my shoulders.

I can say that it does not have the recoil of a 3.5" magnum shotgun. It is just to much recoil for me to handle any longer.

I have at $400.00 invested in this shotgun. I am looking for $250.00 or best offer. PM me for any further questions or comments.

Thank you
David B

I can take a better picture and email them if requested.
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