Reef Bite and Penalty Flags Tavernier

Decided to stay in close Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Reports offshore were hit and miss. Water was not looking pretty and just did not have that "gut" feeling. Air temperature was perfect for setting the hook for snappers and groupers for catching clients dinners.

On Thursday my friend wanted to go find a black grouper for dinner. That was all we wanted as we only had a couple of hours that we could both fish as we both had to be back to the dock by 2:00 PM. Caught a bunch of Tails then we got our Black for dinner, pulled up and headed home.

Friday fished the reef with my clients from Maine. Caught a mess of fish. The tax man tossed the "Penalty Flag" on us a few times, but man it is fun hooking up a giant Bull shark referee and fighting him on Spinning gear! Only kept what they could eat and yep...tossed back flag tails for Good Karma, I absolutely do not want the fishing gods to bite me in the a##:) Seen to many crazy things happen and I do not want to mess Karma. Call me crazy, but oh well...

On Saturday had a 4 hour trip. Took a nice pile home for dinner. Wind was out of the north, but the fish were fired up. When the ref. started tossing "penalty flags" it was time to go.

Have a great week and stay warm... Fishing will be on fire after this front. Ryan


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