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Advice needed - Grouper Fishing Between Clearwater and St. Pete Beach - Thanksgiving

jimmyc9999jimmyc9999 Posts: 5 Greenhorn
The wife and I will be spending a week in Redington Beach, FL during Thanksgiving week of 2015. We live in central Illinois and this will be our first trip to this area. We have heard there is a good chance to load some coolers with grouper in this area of the Gulf. Grouper is our favorite fish to eat and where we live grouper is very expensive, $15/pound twice frozen and well over $25/pound fresh. We plan to charter a boat at least 3 days during the week we are there, weather permitting. Our goal is to fill a freezer with filets for meals throughout the year. It is our understanding the grouper are much closer to shore this time of year and we are looking for some advice.

Many of the charter boat websites list prices for 8 hour trips. If the fish are much closer to shore that time of year, do the charter boats adjust their rates considering they do not have to run very far to get to the fish?

We have no idea if boats are booked around Thanksgiving, so is it a good idea to reserve a boat now or wait until we get there 11/21/15?

Are there any possession limits or transportation concerns? We will be driving down with coolers.

Are there any captains on this board that would be willing to work with us or does anyone have some advice considering what we want to accomplish?

We are willing to use any port between Clearwater and St. Pete Beach.
We thank you in advance for any advice or suggestions.
Jim & Nicole


  • RaymoRaymo Posts: 208 Deckhand
    all charter captains will offer a half day and a full day rate. you a right, fish will be closer...but that doesnt mean you dont have to go get em. Hubbards is the best party boat in the area, and Ive gotten several good fish from these boats...if you want to pay more and charter a private boat, you will probably have better success, but like anything...you get what you pay for...I think the transportation issues will only occur between the dock and your hotel...keep those trips to a one day limit and you should be fine
  • jimmyc9999jimmyc9999 Posts: 5 Greenhorn
    Thanks Raymo. We will charter a private boat. We were hoping if we booked 3 or 4 days and the fish were closer, maybe we could get a deal.
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