Reloading equipment, Rifle case, shooting gear

I have sold most of my gear and this is what I have left.... Hornady 7mm, .45cal and Nosler Partion .30 cal bullets. I have 7mm Rem mag, 300 Win mag, 223, .45, and 308 brass. A nice one piece Dewey cleaning rod and the Lead sled with leather weight bag.For some reason I have not had success posting pictures on this forum. Thanks for taking the time to view my ad.



  • gatortrout19gatortrout19 Posts: 244 Deckhand
    What size are the cold weather clothes?
  • Muskee50Muskee50 Posts: 290 Deckhand
    They are size large. I'm 5'10" and 180 lbs and they fit me well. I have them set up to go on auction on Ebay on Saturday. The pants are new with tags still on them. Cabelas, Thinsulate, Microtex waist size 38 (to fit clothes under them) Outfitter camo and a Cabelas wool jacket like new, also in outfitters camo size large. I also have a couple pair of Gander MT H2O thinsulate gloves. If you are interested in any of these items I can send you pictures to your email. For some reason I have trouble posting pictures on this forum. You can PM me your email address, I have pictures of the pants and jacket.
  • FLDXTFLDXT Posts: 2,509 Captain
    What do you want for the 300 and 06 brass and what kind is it and quantity?
    How much for the 06 and 300 dies, separately?
    Any Hodgen powder?
  • FarmFarm Posts: 29 Greenhorn
    Pm sent
  • Muskee50Muskee50 Posts: 290 Deckhand
    I have 40 handloads of 300 Win and 10 new brass $25 (Winchester brass)
    30-06, 158 mixed Winchester and Remington brass and 87 rounds of military brass (245 total) $30
    RCBS 30-06, 3 die set $25.00
    RCBS 300 win, 3 dieset $25.00
    No Hodgen only Reloader 19 and 22
  • Muskee50Muskee50 Posts: 290 Deckhand
    I put everything on Ebay except the Lead Sled.
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