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Two a day's....

Well, Today I was set to take a nice young guy from Holland bass fishing. He had posted on this forum about catching a bass at stickmarsh. Since he would not be up here till 8:30 that would leave a small but fishable window of early morning to get in some inshore lure tossing. For the short trip it was OK. I caught 6 Trout with three nice ones in the 18-20 inch size. I also had enough time to put this guy on the deck.


The color looks cool with the rising sun's light on it. I did notice a diagonal slash on the side...not sure how he may have gotten that.
Back on the trailer just before 8....

Called the wife when I pulled out of the ramp and got her to whip up a lite breakfast so I could change out gear and have a quick bite to eat. Back on the truck and meet Ate ( pronounced A-tin) at I-95 McDonalds. We headed to the bait shop and picked up a dz shiners to hedge our bet.
He was such a nice pleasant young man and I was on my best American Ambassador behaviour so he would not think Americans are all what you may see on TV or movies.....Not easy for me since I'm generally an old prix :grin
We had chamber of commerce weather and while the bite was not on fire...He caught about a dz Bass and two pike
(chain pickeril ) It was a treat to talk the universal language of "fishing" and there was never a lull in the action or stories. He administers a fishing web site in Holland with over 14 thousand members. Oddly, He said fishing is "much bigger" in the states but he fishes with some hard core anglers there.
He also got engaged yesterday in Ft Lauderdale so a big congrats to him....A wedding in summer of 2016 is planned.

Some pics from today.....




The bass were a little picky but we had several decent fish explode on the shiners and we caught a few on little shallow running crank baits. This is his best.


And Yeah..It was a little warm... I don't think Ate was expecting a good sun broiling....:grin

A great day to be in Florida!
There are many roads to travel
Many things to do.
Knots to be unraveled
'fore the darkness falls on you


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