10/30 Ponce Offshore 3 wahoo

Fished on the Crunchtime today. It was a two man crew of myself and Daren. Plan was to high speed troll and see what we could find. Worked some structure and the first bite was at 8:30 in 110ft. After 20 min the first wahoo was in the box. A nice 40lber. Trolled around with another bite but came unglued. After another hour of no bites we decided to put out normal spread and poke out a little deeper. Went to 450ft and it was a desert. Decided to head back in and try for some more wahoo. Worked that structure again and head a double header immediately. One dolphin and one 20lb wahoo. Did another pass and bam was on again. Another 40lber. Went 3/5 on wahoo bites and 1 phin. The cowbell was tearing them up.


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