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Inshore Mayhem! 11/8/2014

I knew that everything was going to line up just right with the major feeding time and the front coming through and I felt the bite would go off. It started slow in the morning with the cooler temps but we knew we were on fish. As soon as it started to heat up a little the fish went off and then when the major feeding time that started around 1:30 and ended at around 3:30 I really knew that they would go off and that is exactly what happened. If I would have videoed every fish we caught it would have been over 3 hours of footage just with catching fish.

We probably ended up with between 60-70 fish maybe more since we were not really keeping tabs. We got snook, reds and trout with most of the fish being snook. I was the only one not to get a slam on the boat! :nono I never heard the end of it! Here are some pics of the fish that we got and of course a video to go along with it. I tried to really explain the terrain we were fishing and the times and tides we were fishing and what we were looking for at the time. I hope you all enjoy and take something away from it!


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