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Trolling with the Ruff Ones 10/29

BillyBilly ChassahowitzkaPosts: 2,751 Captain
And it was rough. Not the water but the catching. Ruff One (Tom) and his wife Gail ask if I wanted to tag along the one more day before they leave for hunting season. I said of course I will. We usually do good as Tom has this trolling method down to a science with us having excellent results when I go out with them.

Well...it "ain't" always excellent. :) We started off trolling for cobia with no one being home. Slipped out to the first stop and had a few short grouper and a number of hard hits that didn't hook up. Tom decided to go to another spot and the weeds kept us from trolling that area effectively. Plan C was to go back to where we started.

Gail hooks up first and it's all we can do to get the rod out of the holder. The fish gets hung on on some "structure" and it's finally broke the line. Next couple passes and another huge hit that last about a minute as the hook bent on the lure. It seemed to be the theme all day long. Big hits...then no fish. We still had a great time.

When we pulled up to Plan C there was bait activity and I saw some spanish close to the surface. Picking up the smallest rod that had a 3/8 ounce hair jig on it I started tossing to the breaking fish. No spanish but his big brother was there and off we go for a ride. I believe I was down to the spool on three different runs with Tom trying to idle the boat helping me get some line back. Nothing like a nice king on a redfish outfit.

Nice day with good friends on the water. Seas were calm most of the day making a nice ride out and back. Thanks Tom and Gail...see you when you get back.

"And the ocean is howling for the things that might have been..."


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