Suzuki DF115 Trim and Tilt fluid flush help

gator97dwbgator97dwb Posts: 76 Greenhorn
I bought a used boat with DF 115's and the PTT fluid on one motor is very milky (water intrusion) and slightly discolored in the other (water intrusion or mixed fluid types). I want to try flushing the bad fluid out and replacing before purchasing new reservoir caps (I could not find a seal kit so I assume this is my only option for fixing the top seal?) in an attempt to save replacing both as they are $160 each.

I have the service manual and followed the directions for filling the fluid but I can't seem to get the old stuff out enough to clear it up. I also can't get enough fluid into the reservoir to raise the motor up enough to allow me to put more in without opening the manual release and these things get heavy when you are suppose to raise and lower 4-5 times.:banghead:

If anyone has a better method or know why it won't take fluid when I know it is almost empty please help.


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