Little Gasparilla Island Home "Living Well"

Hello All,

I am a rare poster but a big fan of the SW forum and all your posts. Larry, I know this post may be for the classifieds, but this is the forum I frequent and thought I would post it here first as there is usually talk of folks staying and fishing around LGI.

As you may know, my family and I have been traveling from Illinois to Little Gasparilla since the late 70's as my Grandfather and his brother built a cabin on Marsh St. on LGI years ago. When he passed in 2009 we sold his home to some folks who we have become close friends with who have grown up on the Island and chose to raise their family there.

Amazingly last spring a home across the street came up for sale and we were able to scrape together every extra nickel we had and along with some good luck purchase the home. We have spent an amazing amount of time and money over the last 6-8 months getting the home renovated and not only livable for us, but for guests as well.

The Island has been a special place for us over the years. The adventures and fishing experiences my kids have been able to enjoy are second to none. We have been lucky to be able to enjoy the home my Grandfather built and other properties that we have rented from others. We have seen the most amazing sunsets on the planet...too many to count. We have fished in arguably one of the best fisheries in SW florida within sight of our dock. We have made some of the best friends we have ever had and now we have a chance to enjoy OUR home and share it with others too.

If you would be so kind to take a look at our home on the website link provided below and consider staying with us if you ever venture to the Island. Please feel free to reply and/or pm me with any questions.

As I always say about LGI..."a night on the Island will change your life!"

Spending time on LGI! "The difference between living and LIVING WELL!"


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    Nice place. I've fished that area for about 35 years and bought a condo about 10 years ago on Oyster Creek & Placida Rd. You shouldn't have any trouble renting. You might also try advertising in VRBO, lots of folks visit that site.
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