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LWI - 10/29/14 - Into the Phins!

Don - Roc N Rol

Cleared LWI at 6:30ish, loaded the well with runners headed to the Juno ledge. Target was Cobia and Muttons. Just after the drop Don is tight on something BIG. After a couple minutes it came unglued, from the frays looked toothy, the consensus was probably shark. Flat lines hi and lo using runners for me, Don was using dead sardines on the bottom which seemed to be getting more action. Don gets tight again, turned out to be an undersized Cobia - Skunks-off now maybe his big brother will come along. Wind died down and got HOT, caught a grunt or two, started chumming - caught speedo's. The file fish were there to but not boated.
Decided to head out to look for weeds. Around 700' found nice edge with a slick and lots of weeds. No sooner shut down and Don is tight on the first Dolphin of the day. This was what I've been waiting for!!! They were all over the place with lots of excitement to follow! Caught a few small sharks in the process that were with phins and chewing when the phins wouldn't - after a while the bite slowed down - tried lures with more hits, nothing boated. :banghead Worked the line a mile or two north picking up a few more, as it was getting later in the day - the bite was few and far between. We were now SE of the Loran tower in 600' - Heading in, we hit the Ande wreck with no joy - decided to call it a day. Missed our limit by 5 fish.
Note: Seas dying-down nicely, Thursday is going to be a stellar day on the water.
Total = 1 Cobia - 15 Dolphin -- 3 sharks - and a few throwbacks due to size

Pura Vida!


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