16/17 Foot Aluminum or Fiberglass Hull Opinions?

FlecFlec Posts: 571 Officer
I want to buy a NEW inshore rig for use in both salt and fresh water. I am considering anything under $16K. I know there are several manufacturers in this range, mostly aluminum rigs with 50HP +/-. I also know of a few fiberglass boats that meet this criteria, but I am sure there are some I have not come across. Any input here is really appreciated guys. No used boats remember. Thanks


  • SOSSOS Posts: 91 Greenhorn
    I've got a 16 Xpress with a 50 HP Zuke that I love. It does pretty much anything I need from deep water Jetties, poling a flat, flounder gigging, etc. Tough as nails. I would never run an aluminum boat with rivets though. Only welded for this guy, totally different concept.

    I can run forever on 6 gallons of gas too.

    Good luck!
  • FreeLinerFreeLiner Posts: 1,573 Captain
    Have you looked at Gheenoe's yet? Ive seen some of them running 40HP's.
  • Alvin AAlvin A Posts: 315 Deckhand
    A little over your budget at 17,500 but I love my 1656 Tunnel Hull Weld-Craft
    Weld-Craft 1656 Tunnel, Yamaha F70, Garmin 547xs.
  • notpcnotpc Posts: 4 Greenhorn
    Mako pro skiff 16 or 17,Fiberglass hulls.The 17 can be had with a 60 hp Merc and last I looked they're both in your price range.
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