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10/30/14 BI more dolphin on Inflatable raft.

We cleared the inlet on my 15ft inflatable at 6:45am and were met with light north winds and 1-2ft seas. Our plans were to troll out to around 450ft where he caught dolphin last week. Between 450-600ft there were big mats of weeds but they were not sargassum. They were some type of sea grass. The sea grass does not hold life like sargassum does. We trolled the area for a while without any luck and pushed further offshore. We went out 10 miles and did not find any weeds or signs of life. Even that far out the water was not that clear cobalt blue. The seas picked up 2-4 ft and we decided to head back in. We trolled the sea grass we found earlier and picked up 2 football blackfin tunas. I spotted a 5 gallon bucket and we got 3 dolphin and a small shark under it. We actually caught the same shark 3 times. The shark kept eating our chunk bait and we kept cutting him off when we got him by the boat. He had 3 hooks in his mouth before he finally left us alone.


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