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10/30 PBI Quickie

In an effort to keep the 27 happy. I have been getting out more than in recent years. I have also been banging the boards at the pier in between. Pompano and mack supply is near capacity. For that matter dolphin supply is overflowing. Still I had a need to poke out with the 27 to check some repairs out and figured I may as well pull some stuff. I didn't feel like making a full on effort and burn a bunch of bait so it was small artificials in the wash again.
Looked good from 60' out. Token bonitos on the edge resulted in a quick quad. I slid further east to get away from them and at 240' a dolphin came streaking in. The blue bait drew the bite. Few minutes later I poked the 12 pounder with the aftco and noticed that I had probably pulled it off a submerged bucket. Took note of the buckets position and made another pass. Small triple tails and triggers hung under it. Eyes glued on the spread as they reached it. Kaboosh! red and black went down.
Premium 20lb Sufix melted off the speedmaster IV at a pretty good clip. "Gotta be a big skippy..." I thought out loud... The run eventually quit and I slowly put it back... "Ho Hum"... I see a little color. "Big deal"... Then I see stripes... "Oh crap, a hoo!" Far from what we could call a slob it was still a fair 12 pound fish and made out of meat. The aftco found its mark and I was tickled...
I went back on the troll and looked for the bucket again but couldn't find it. Steering at helm was good and firm but up in tower it was mushy and almost non existent. I know its just air in the line up top but didn't want to push my luck. Aimed it at the beach and pushed the sticks forward. The good news is no filter issues this time. The bad, I could really feel bottom growth bad just a month after last cleaning... Looks like yard time is in near future...


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