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First fishing post

Having to wait two more months before the Morning Star lll is delivered, I am needing to get offshore. We moved here last fall, and last spring I chartered Scott Fawcett for a few trips, flyfishing for pelagics before heading back out west. He put me on my first atlantic sail, after pulling and losing six, big dolphin, the biggest at 30 lbs, all on fly. He is very good at this if anyone wants to do this type of fishing. Also, lost a whitey out in the corner with him.
That being said, we need meat. So, being boatless still, I called Scott.
Cobia hunting first. Hook pulled on a small one at the boat.
Looked for grouper next, but, got punished with two nice amber jacks. I insisted he fish, too, as I am really looking to fill the freezer. Pay backs are a *****, so an almaco punished him.
Was hoping to troll for wahoo, too much weed.
Always on the look out for tripletail. None found.
Out a little ways to a spot, limited out on very nice sea bass in thirty minutes.
Inside, loaded up with yellowtails, mango snaps, and one mutton.
Very successful trip for what was needed. Fresh fish.
Next week, and once a week behind the fronts til our boat is ready, we will be flyfishing for sails again with Scott. Will keep you updated.


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