Cedar Key 10/23 YT 10/26

Made a trip to CK Thursday to grab some clams for a surprise party and decided to bring the yak for a quick trip before the party. Launched over by the airport and within 30 minutes, an eastern wind came up with white caps all over the east side of the airport. Managed to catch a couple reds with one being in the slot on the spoon before I had to paddle around to the west side of the island. The water on the west side was clear and smooth so I spotted up some nice reds but their aim was off that day. Had at least 3 nice reds that I watched miss my lure multiple times... Once the tide changed, I managed to spot a sheep and decided to call it a day.

On Sunday my buddy Andrew and i hit yankeetown up around 10:30. The tide was super low and 40 looked like a desert more than te gulf. We dumped the yaks in the river and paddled out to the withlacoochie reef to try and catch an incoming flooding those shell bars. I sight casted a black drum and sheep that went into the box but other than that the first half of the day was slow... The tide finally got up but we couldn't find anything but jack and a few rats. In the final hour we hit a little hole and got on a school of rat reds and I managed a barely legal flounder and slot red. Overall it was a nice day and we had a good time on the water.
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