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Fat Bull Phin

Went solo out of PSL before dawn this morning. Was an incoming tide with an east wind. I would not do it again in the dark and do not recommend it to anyone else. Once past the inlet seas calmed down and were nice the rest of the day.

Headed out to Bullshark where I loaded the livewell with assorted sizes of blue runners. Left there at daybreak and went straight east to about 125. Lots of scattered weeds. Quickly hooked up to some bonitas. For the next hour all I could do was to clear the weeds or bonitas. No size to any of the bonitas. Around 9:00am the bonitas stopped but the weeds kept coming. Worked the area hard till about 11:00 then headed north up around the 6 mile reef. Picked up a somewhat better defined weedline there that took me out to about 150. Started picking up modest blackfin tunas along the line. Total of 6 in all on a small feather with a bird teaser on a long line way back.

Noticed a yellow tarp in the weed patch and just as the ballyhoo on right rigger passes, it gets nailed. A few seconds later the left riggers gets a hard strike too. I had five lines out, a dredge and chain. Just asking for trouble. Got the chain and dredge in but not the flatlines. Could see that both fish were nice sized. One cow and one bull. Started working the bull and put the cow in the rod holder. A few minutes later the cow tangles a flat line and cuts off in some weeds. Concentrated on the bull and after some effort got him close where a one handed gaff got him in the boat. He then proceeded to trash the back of the boat where I had "temporarily" put the dredge, chain and other lines. Apparently, he didn't like the way I had arranged them. Eventually, got him in the fish box for a nice cool ride home. Cleaned up the mess and went back down the line but could not find the yellow tarp again. Decided to head home thankful for the nice bull.

Back at home, put the bull on a hand held boca grip and it bottomed the grip out. Dont know what it actually weighed but it was one of the fattest bulls I've ever caught. My wife took some photos, when she returns, I'll try to post the photos. All in all it was a lot of aggravating weed clearing interrupted by a great dolphin catch. Good luck to all.


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