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10-27-2014 Boynton phins every where offshore

Chris and I cleared the inlet this morning around 6:45. Trolled for a couple hours inside with no bites from 100-400 feet. Then we decide to head offshore to find some phins. We pick up 2 on the troll on a scattered weedline. Work the line for a little bit more then we start chunking. Chris hooks up on another phin and he has followers but they wouldn't bite. The pesty tiggers & barjacks kept eating the chunks before the phins could get there. Then we move to another patch and start bailing some nice ones. One we had to gaff but he didn't want anything to do with the boat. Few mins later in the boat he goes. Now we had to find them again. Set up on another patch, I hook up with one he jumps 10 feet in the air with another with him trying to get the chunk that slid up the line. Well he spit the hooks. Chris had one too that did the same thing. Then Chris puts out a whole ballyhoo and a nice one crushed it. Fish start jumping towards the boat. Then he jumps in the boat and lands on one the bent butts. That rod wasn't out just in the rod holder. Ended up losing that one cause the line snapped when it was shaking on the rod. Started trolling again had one more bite then nothing. Tried drifting the patches one last time and no one home. Called it a day around 1pm. Other boats did well too. Even heard of a couple 40lbers someone got. We got 8 total. 2 trolling & 6 chunking. All in about 550-650 foot.





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