"Cobia On The Troll" Homosassa2014

The weather pattern for October has been a Big Bend fisherman's dream. I can't remember so many decent days. Sunday was one of those days and we were going to head out for some fishing.
Every time we go down the Homosassa River we are usually greeted by forum member THINKICAN(Dave), who lives right there on the water. So, today we would have the honor of adding him to the crew for a day of cobia and grouper chasing. Before we got started we had some boat issues that we had to fix and it delayed out start. Finally got going and of course stopped for some pinfish(which went unused).
We headed out to some structure in 18 ft and set up for some cobia fishing. I like to think the cobia are still around, but as the days move forward they are heading south. Put out some chum anyway, and we did get some bait out back. Schools of macks and blues started working on the bait. No action for us on our pinfish. With our late start, I wanted to get some trolling in so the spinners were put up and the trolling rods brought out. I always like to troll over an area that I have chummed, so I started some passes over that area. On the third pass, Guess what? Gail's rod is bent over, way over. Dave said "That rod looks like it should break!". Gail gets the rod out of the holder and right away says "this is no grouper". Immediately I adjust the drag down from the almost locked down position we use for grouper.
Now she's ready for battle! Just in time. The hooks are almost pulled.
Finally Gail works him to the boat. I finally get to use that big **** net, and aboard comes a nice legal cobia.
Gail and our first legal cobe in the month of Oct.
Now we have a cobia(you know how a cobia reacts when he gets in the boat), a net with a cobia in it. A 7'' lure with trebles hooks everywhere. They don't go well together! I am glad Dave was there. He had more patience then I can muster up. From the time of the hook up till we got everything apart took an hour!
Now, it's getting late and I want to see what the groupers are doing, so we head in to my favorite shallow water area in 14-15 ft. We put the plugs out and we are picking up those lizard fish and sea bass, so I know it won't be long and the groupers will come along. Dave's rod goes off and it's one of those "limb shakers"! Dave fights the grouper with Dave pulling on the grouper and the grouper pulling on Dave. Finally the grouper comes aboard.
We start getting shorts and I am hoping they are turning on, but it quits just as fast as it turned on. Time is gone so we store the rods and head in. Stop at Dave's, have a nice drink, clean the fish. We got a slow and late start, but we did take two nice fish. Great time spend with Dave and some excellent Martinis furnished by Shirley!


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