How do you tell the difference between an Amberjack and an Almaco Jack?

How does one know???? Also Banded Rudderfish???


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    Nobody replied to this, so I will try and help, what little I can. It was a lot easier to tell an almaco from an AJ in my day, because they do not get nearly as big and all our AJ's were between 45 and 65 pounds, at least off the 2 deep wrecks, SE of Key West. I don't think I have ever caught an almaco much over 20 lbs.

    So that's one thing...they are a smaller fish. They are also a deeper bodied fish, per their length. The band that passes through the eye is longer and extends further back on the head, than an AJ. Undoubtedly there are other ways to make a positive ID, such as the number of rays in the soft dorsal fin, etc. etc., but I never cared that much to remember all that.

    Can't help you at all with the banded rudderfish....can't remember ever catching one.
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    How does one know???? Also Banded Rudderfish???
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    Almaco and AJ pretty darn simple...

    Greater and lesser... I don't know about all that.
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