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The Big Girls

Now's the time to get out there and pull on some bruiser snook! Been catching them in the river all the way to the beach. If you can find clear water on the beach sight fishing these big breeders is a blast (really gets the adrenaline pumping watching one eat). We have been getting lucky and bugging some really nice size pilchards from the beach lately. These are candy to these big fish and they will rarely pass them up. In the river, fishing big mullet along seawalls is a pretty consistent bite as well. Watching a snook slurp down a 12 inch mullet off of a seawall is one of my favorite sights to see! The night bite around the bridges with flair hawks and big swimbaits won't disappoint either. Fishing for these breeder snook is more quality over quantity, so even though you only might catch one a day, it's usually a good one! Here's some pictures of a few nice fish from the past week or so. Always support the fish and make sure they swim off strong, so they can go make more little snook!


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