Crystal River 10/26 Hooked up for tata's tournament

To start off their wasn't a whole lot of people show up, so we felt like we had a good chance of placing a red or a trout. Started off with bad luck that got worse. We estimated low tide around 11 so we hoped we'd be able to get to our spots around 8 before it went out. Wrong it was lower than I've ever seen it so 90% of where I catch reds is now gone. Stuck in the middle of jacks everywhere we decided to catch a couple bc they are sooo tempting. I saw tailing fish everywhere assuming the were black drum I didn't get excited. Then thought well we are in a tournament, this could be a chance for a nice red, I follow them on foot. Then I realize they are all sheepshead!!! With some having 4" wide tails most I came close enough to see were over 20" but only had a mirrodine tied on :banghead oh well. Then we decided to move and head to some other bars. Then the engine starts clunking and it seems like the lower unit and then shut off and felt locked up and wont turn at all. So now our day is over and all the fishing we did was for Jacks and we are stuck waiting on sea tow. The winning red was only 3.5lbs and 2nd was in the 2.8lb range I think. the 1st trout was 1.9 and 2nd and 3rd were like 1.7. So if we had been able to fish more I think we had a good chance. The grouper was over 15lbs so I'm glad we at least tried inshore lol

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  • bryanc7688bryanc7688 Posts: 44 Deckhand
    Thanks for participating! We had a pretty good turn out for only coming out with the just under 2 months ago! We had 23 boats and 67 anglers. We would like to thank you and everyone involved as we raised money for a great cause! Event went good enough that we have already booked our next years tournament date at the plantation in July!

    Tides definitely made y'all work had for the fish! Thank you again!
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