Heads up inshore guides

Brevard County is looking at charging (permitting) commercial business use of boat ramps. Looks like the no-cost permits will be coming for canoe, kayaks and paddle boards - permit fees will likely follow within a few years.

For inshore charter captains, this should concern you too:
'County Commissioner Chuck Nelson said that unregulated "commercial activity is prohibited" from county parks, and the county has a responsibility to manage its parks.'




  • BrentspeedgsxrBrentspeedgsxr Posts: 254 Officer
    Under the proposal, businesses with those permits would get the exclusive right for commercial launches one day each week at the parks, not including weekends or six major holidays.

    Does this mean that a PUBLIC PARK, FUNDED BY TAX DOLLARS would be closed to the public, and restricted to use only by commercial fee payers? Sounds like a crock of 5hit if you ask me.
  • duckmanJRduckmanJR Posts: 18,709 AG
    It is only the two parks....and they are not doing it...for now.
    There is a rule prohibiting unregulated commercial use of parks so they should ENFORCE THAT.....If it becomes an issue...which I HIGHLY DOUBT it will.

    *BUT*.... I agree a crock of the smelliest of excrement!
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  • shamrock1188shamrock1188 Posts: 260 Deckhand
    This is were it starts pay a little here and pay a little there and then everybody is paying a lot of fees.
  • Big WormBig Worm Posts: 61 Deckhand
    Here is what I see happening at my ramp Kelly Park. The river tour boats and the pontoon guides clog up the ramp for everyone else. Their customers park in the trailer spaces and use all the facilities. The fishing guides/crabbers are never a problem they respect everyone else much better than the people I mentioned earlier. You have to ask yourself would you be allowed to operate a business in a public area? Lets say you wanted to sell hot dogs at the boat ramp? That's not allowed right? So this other bull**** shouldn't be either. Those guys have a right to operate a business but they shouldn't get free use of a park to do it. I own a small business in which I am forced to rent a commercial address in order to get a business license. I don't need or use my commercial address but I still gotta pony up. These folks brought this on themselves by acting the way they did. Sadly it will screw it up for the guides and crabbers and most likely us regular joes as well.
  • shamrock1188shamrock1188 Posts: 260 Deckhand
    Great idea I can open a floating bait shop at Kelly park tie up to the docks. Think of the benefits large parking lot for my customers, waterfront location, restrooms, garbage pick up, maintenance and up keep etc. Best of all it is free.
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