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10/23 LK Backcountry

Been looking and looking for trout in the backcountry but just can't seem to find them in the right place at the right time, though I hear they're around... Decided it was time to just get some groceries for dinner the next couple days and so headed into Cudjoe backcountry to ply the deeper channels for snapper and grouper. Had two people in the boat fishing four or five rods and it was hard to keep all of them in the water because the action was so hot. While you baited up one rod your other lines were getting smoked. We hit our spot at a slack high tide because the current rips at anything but, and with the wind blowing the way it had been, it seemed to hold our boat sideways to the light current which was perfect for two of us working multiple rods. It was easy as cake to set up over whatever stretch of bottom we wanted and have our chum float right down to the fish. Bottom rods went off constantly with short but almost legal muttons and red grouper, our largets mangrove snapper, and large jack crevalles. Flat lines got us into smaller legal mangroves, legal yellowtails, and large runoffs from something unidentified but not toothy. We'll be back after them eventually.
Solid bottom, deep channels, moderate current, standard flatlining jigs with cutbait. Bucktails over bottom or standard bottom rigs.
Not a lot of pictures, but here's the representative mugshot.


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